Xtreme Monkey Nylon Bushing Adjustable Cable Speed Rope

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Crossfit Adjustable Cable Speed Rope

  • Stainless Steel tangle-free flexible wire
  • Very smooth while turning
  • Innovative speed handles having metal pivoting shaft
  • Nylon Bushing
  • EZ-Adjust ends
  • Longer length for a greater range of customization
  • Protective wire caps
  • Fully adjustable
  • LENGTH: 9' 10" (9 feet, 10 inches) - Can be trimmed/shortened to suit the user: Simply unscrew one of the EZ-Adjust ends, move the anchor, and clip the cable with wire cutters. Screw the EZ-Adjust tight, and re-apply the protective end cap.
  • 117mm handle
  • Handle tapers from 22mm diameter at the base, to 12mm diameter at the top of the handle
Item Number: XM-2779