Bumper Plate Package - Plates and Storage (5xORBLK260 plus 2xWT46)

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All your bumper plate needs in one affordable package.  This package includes 1,300lbs of Solid Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates AND 2 plate storage trees to keep things organized and tidy.

Package includes:

  • 10 each of 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, 15lb, 10lb Solid Rubber Olympic Bumper plates - 1300lbs total
  • 2 Olympic EZ Load Weight Trees - up to 1,000lbs storage each
 Bumper Plate Features:
  • Solid, high quality, resilient rubber (no crumb rubber used) - will not break when dropped
  • White numbers markings
  • Processed with 30 years rubber experience to be the best in quality, service and value
  • Molds are chrome plated to assure a pristine, consistent and repeatable finish
  • Use with Olympic size bars only.
Bumper Plate Specs:
  • Brass inserts are 3mm thick, which is about three times the industry standard to provide strength and longevity of service
  • Rubber compound has been chemically refined to provide the best product with consistent properties
  • All are 17.7" diameter
  • Thicknesses of the plates are 10 lb.- 1", 15 lb.- 1½", 25 lb.- 1¾", 35 lb.- 2½", 45 lb.- 3¼".
Plate Tree Features:
  • Store up to 1,000 lbs. of weight in less than 3 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Keeps your workout area safe, clean, and organized
  • Six storage posts - suspend weight plates for fast and easy storage and retrieval
Warranty: Commercial
Item Number: BumperPackage