Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym

Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym

Weider Crossbar Home Gym

The Weider Platinum Plus Crossbar by Weider offers everything you need for a complete strength-training workout. The Platinum's hard-core resistance lets you perform lifts with up to 240 lbs. of compounded bow resistance. The unique cable and pulley design provides you with a full range of motion. Change your weight resistance instantly with superior Digital Control Resistance™. Get personal training with pre-programmed workouts for weight loss, muscle building, and circuit training. The Platinum gives you a total-body workout with over 75 upper- and lower-body exercises on stations like the incline bench, lat tower, leg developer and more.


  • Hard-Core Resistance 240 Max Weight
  • Full Range of Motion
  • Digital Resistance Control™
  • Personal Training System
  • Total-Body Workout
  • 75 Club-Quality Exercises
  • Squat Station
  • Curl Station
  • Personal Trainer
  • Leg Developer
  • Lat Tower

Hard-Core Resistance
Perform lifts with up to Max 240 lbs. of compounded bow resistance, standard.

Start with 240 lbs. of Digitally Controlled Resistance
Resistance is the key to any strength training program. That's why the Platinum features the most advanced resistance source ever designed. It's called the Digital Control Resistance, or DCR™ for short. You get a full 240 lbs. of hard-core resistance to accommodate almost any routine.

To harness the power of revolutionary DCR™ technology, the Platinum uses a unique system of cables, pulleys, swivels and cams. This system actually compounds the resistance of the bar.

Smooth, consistent movement in every lift.
Further, DCR™ provides smooth, consistent resistance throughout every lift. The Platinum is designed so the intensity of any given exercise is the same from beginning to end. The result is an astonishing 240 lbs. of resistance that allows for powerful, extended exercise options.

A Full Range of Motion
Unique cable and pulley design provides a greater range of motion than other machines.

Maximize results with a full range of motion.
It's all about maximizing your workout...getting the best possible results in the least amount of time. And this kind of optimal workout can only occur with proper range of motion. Believe it or not, many popular strength machines only go part way. They don't allow for a full range of motion, so it's like you're only completing half the exercise.

Weider Platinum Plus Crossbar revolutionary DCR™ resistance system is the key to providing a full range of motion. Why is range of motion so important? Because if you can't extend your lift to the limit, you're only doing a portion of the exercise. And that means you only get a portion of the results. The Platinum provides a full range of motion for maximum strength training results.

Combine greater range of motion with superior resistance.
The Platinum is specifically designed to give you the best resistance combined with the greatest range of motion. Digital Control Resistance™ doesn't hinder the motion of your lift. So you'll be able to complete each exercise...you'll enjoy a wider workout variety...and you'll have the ability to work each muscle in many different ways, which will give you superior results.

Digital Control Resistance
Change your weight resistance instantly with superior Digital Control Resistance™. No manual adjustments needed.

With the Platinum's revolutionary Digital Control Resistance™ system, you don't have to deal with any of the hassle. Simply enter your resistance on the touchpad and you're done. You can quickly move all the way to 240 lbs. Max of resistance.

Personal Training System
Pre-programmed workouts for Weight Loss, Muscle Building and Circuit Training are built in to your Platinum.

Strength Training.
This is the program for sculpting, building and increasing strength. Lifts are usually higher resistance, fewer reps. And because each exercise in the program was carefully designed by a certified personal trainer, you're assured a total-body regimen that will help you achieve optimal, chiseled results.

Circuit Training.
For those who want to maintain a high level of fitness, there's nothing like circuit training. It gives you the best of a strength training workout, combined with the benefits of a cardio workout. By moving from one exercise to the next rapidly, your heart rate stays up. The result is great conditioning for your heart, lungs and muscles.

Fat Burning
choose this option if your goal is to tone up, burn fat and look great. The exercises are specifically tailored for fat loss...with higher reps and less resistance. You can also move to the next exercise quickly, keeping your heart rate up. The more lean muscle tissue you develop, the more fat calories you burn.

Total-Body Workout
Perform a variety of upper- and lower-body exercises on stations like the incline bench, lat tower, leg developer and more.


  • Dimensions: 86" h x 50" w x 85" d
  • 300 lb. User Weight Limit


  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on Bars

Price: $699.00
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