Suspended Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training has become a popular form of exercise in the personal training arena. With an anchor point on a ceiling, door, tree, or other secure object, and a set of rings or training straps, you can achieve a full body workout. Bodyweight training involves using your body to create weight or resistance for hundreds of different exercises.  The exercise options are unlimited: you can work your chest, legs, back, arms, shoulders and core with one, simple tool. The benefits include gains in strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. With body weight training equipment, such as products available from CrossCore, you can pack a whole gym into one small bag that can be taken with you to the gym, the park, or even on vacation. Consider bodyweight training as an occasional substitute for free weight training, and a way to keep your workout fresh and entertaining.

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Spri XTS 1.5 Bodyweight Training System
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