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Item Number: F704
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Light Commercial Rated
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Arm Curl Attachment (F710)
Leg Extension/Curl Attachment (F711)
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The F704 Flat / Incline / Decline System Bench is a great dumbbell bench. It also was specifically designed to work with the BODYCRAFT XFT, RFT, and Jones Machines, plus it will work with most brands of Smith Machines and Racks like the BODYCRAFT F430 Power Rack. As the bench inclines, the pads slide back staying in line with the bar, so you spend less time maneuvering the bench forward and back. No need to turn the bench around when performing exercises like a shoulder press.

*Note: This bench does not include the leg hold down, The locking F711 Leg Ext/Curl Attachment is available for purchase.

  • Great dumbbell bench! 17.5” tall in flat position and gets lower from there, making dumbbells easy to reach
  • 8 incline positions– (-20’, 0’, 15’, 30’, 45’, 60’, 80’)
  • Comfortable seat and seat back use 2″ thick, high density foam, covered in vinyl with upholstered back covers
  • Seat declines for extra comfort and stability when bench is inclined
  • Accepts attachments (Model F710 Arm Curl and F711 Leg Ext. /Curl)
  • Transport wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Pop-pins allows you to easily switch or remove attachments and adjust bench angles
  • Construction: 2″ X 3″, heavy-gauge steel tubing
  • Upholstery: 2″ thick high density foam covered in industrial grade vinyl and upholstered back covers
  • Assembled Dimensions: 59” L x 28.5″ W x 17.5″ H (42″ in the Shoulder Press position)
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Warranty: Light Commercial
  • In home lifetime, everything
  • Light Commercial: 10 years frame, 2 year parts, 6 Months wear items

Item Number: F704
Light Commercial Rated