Blue Chip 12 System-Black Frame

Blue Chip 12 System
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PRO-GYM weight training machines offer a great deal more actual lifting weight per station than other competitive gyms. All PRO-GYM stations are designed for the ultimate in true lifting action and weight accuracy. The heavy press stations connect directly to the weight stacks by heavy-duty coil springs to absorb vibration, eliminate breakage and reduce noise. All machines use self-locking weight selector keys. Minimum ceiling height for all units is 84". Prices shown do not include delivery and installation. PLEASE ADD $800 FOR shipping, handling AND INSTALLATION Blue Chip 12 recommended room area 16' x 18'. This unit includes: Leg Press • Chest Press • Shoulder Press • High Lat • Quad Low Pulley • Chinning Station • Abdominal Board (9 levels) • Dipping Station • 4-exercise Leg/Flexor/Extension Station.
Item Number: 722XXXXX