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Are you having trouble getting your younger students and players excited about playing baseball or t-ball? If so, then BlastBall&trade is what you need!

BlastBall?, the fun alternative to traditional T-Ball, uses an exclusive "Honking" base to entertain younger players, adding excitement to the game. The rules are simple and call for a faster paced game in which all of the players are involved and "on their toes" at all times. Not only does BlastBall? keep the kids' attention and focus, it also helps develop their hitting, catching, fielding, throwing, and base running skills. Everything you need is included in the set: Honking BlastBase?, BlastBat? , BlastBalls? (2), BlastTee? , Distance Marker and Foul Cone.

What People Are Saying:
"We'd seen a drop in T-Ball participation for a few years so we added BlastBall! for our youngest age group and we've picked up an additional 300 kids over the past couple of seasons. The kids love the honking base and the parents love the simplicity of the rules. And when the kids have fun at an early age, they come back year-after-year. It's been a great addition to our program."
Gregg Sprinkle-
Carrollton Pony Baseball/Softball
Item Number: 20013395