American Fitness Selects Sorinex Exercise Equipment for CrossFit and Other Cross Training Programs

Portland, OR - January 31, 2013 - American Fitness, a premier supplier of equipment for home and commercial gyms, announces the addition of Sorinex Exercise Equipment to its assortment of preferred manufacturers of cross training equipment. A wide selection of Sorinex’s weight training, plyometric, and bodyweight training equipment used in popular cross training programs, such as CrossFit, is now available at CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. State and federal agencies may also now purchase Sorinex products through American Fitness’ General Services Administration (GSA) Contract #GS-03F-0151Y. These products can be found under Boofighter, LLC (dba American Fitness) under Schedule 78 on GSA Advantage.

Cross training programs, including CrossFit, have become popular in recent years as a means for increasing strength, stamina, and athleticism. These types of programs focus on combining a multitude of functional movements, which are performed at high intensity levels for short periods of time. Movements can include sprinting, jumping, climbing, weight lifting, and carrying or throwing heavy objects.

Sorinex specializes in equipment and accessories for the cross training athlete. Sorinex’s plyometric boxes are available in a variety of heights to suit different jumping routines. Sorinex medicine balls come in different weights and are designed with a soft casing to absorb high velocity impact. The company’s power racks and weight training equipment are designed to accommodate a range of strength training exercises.

“Cross training is a favorite form of exercise among both athletes and those with physically demanding jobs,” said Ron Thompson, President of American Fitness. “We are pleased to offer Sorinex Exercise Equipment products to school athletic departments, firefighters, military personnel, and others requiring a high level of physical fitness. The quality construction of Sorinex’s products is ideal for the demands of high intensity workout environments.”

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