American Fitness Partners with RB Rubber Products to Provide Quality Gym Flooring for Fitness Equipment Installations

Portland, OR - February 9, 2012 - American Fitness, a premier supplier of fitness equipment serving home and commercial customers, including schools, fire departments, and the US military, has partnered with RB Rubber Products, a subsidiary of DASH Multi-Corp, to provide high quality, recycled rubber gym flooring to its customers.  Rubber mats, tiles, and roll-out flooring from RB Rubber Products will complement current flooring options available at, providing customers with more choices for comfort and safety. American Fitness selected the manufacturer for its excellence in rubber gym flooring products, broad product line, and sustainable practices.

Quality commercial flooring is an important component of any fitness center, weight room, or health club. Hard surfaces, such as wood or concrete, can be hard on the body, resulting in potential injuries. Floors can be easily damaged from the weight of heavy fitness equipment, the dropping of weights, or regular gym traffic.  Large commercial gyms and health facilities can also experience a lot of noise from exercise and weight machines. Rubber gym flooring is an ideal choice for minimizing these risks and improving the workout experience. Rubber flooring products from RB Rubber Products are specially designed to hold up to repeated use while absorbing shock and sound.  They are also environmentally conscious.  All of the rubber mats, tiles, and roll-out flooring are made from recycled tires.

“We are proud to offer RB Rubber Products’ gym flooring products to our customers installing home or commercial fitness centers,” said Ron Thompson, President of American Fitness. “With unsurpassed quality and a large range of solutions to choose from, they are a natural choice for any size gym, weight room, or health club. All of the products are American-made using environmentally friendly recycling technologies. This is especially important for our customers focused on sustainable business practices. We look forward to recommending their rubber mats, tiles, and roll-out flooring for everyone from small home gym customers to larger, institutional customers.”

Products available at will include RB Fitness Flooring and Athletic Mats. RB Fitness Flooring is available in rolls, Mega-Lock tiles, or interlocking RB Zip-Tile. The latter has a unique tab design which holds the tiles together without the need for special adhesives or tapes.  The non-slip surface is easy to clean and offers a seamless appearance. They can be installed in a square or brick pattern design, and can be disassembled and reassembled easily. All of the Fitness Flooring products are available in black or black with flecks of color.

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