American Fitness Proposes 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Employee Health

Portland, OR - January 12, 2011 - American Fitness wants to help employers get a fresh start on the new calendar year by offering 5 resolutions for improving employees’ health and fitness. Americans who eat poorly and get little exercise are often aware of the need to take steps to improve their health. However, lack of time, gym equipment, or access to healthy food choices make it difficult to get started. Add to this stress on the job and at home, and it’s not surprising that so many are struggling to lose weight and get in shape.

American Fitness suggests that this is where companies can step in to help their employees achieve healthier lifestyles, while also improving the company’s bottom line. By taking a few simple steps to implement a wellness program, such as setting up a fitness center with commercial fitness equipment and encouraging employees to take exercise breaks, companies can help employees get healthy and fit while also achieving savings for the company.

“Poor diet and lack of exercise are driving up healthcare costs and insurance premiums,” said Ron Thompson, President of “Many Americans want to get healthy, but need support to do it. A small investment in commercial fitness equipment for an on-site fitness center or offering discounts on the purchase of home gym equipment can deliver big rewards. Employees get healthier and happier, while companies save healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.”

American Fitness recommends employers start the New Year with resolutions to establish a company health and fitness program and ensure its success:

1. Provide an on-site fitness facility

Long work days and family responsibilities can leave one too tired to go to the gym. By providing a fitness center in the workplace with quality gym equipment, employees can take short exercise breaks during the day or workout during lunch. It is important that the gym is equipped with durable commercial fitness equipment to support multiple users and minimize any potential downtime. Companies might also consider bringing in a personal trainer who can show employees how to properly use the equipment and to personalize workout plans.

2. Encourage team building

People trying to lose weight and get fit are most successful when surrounded by a support system. Groups should be established for people with common interests, such as losing weight or walking at lunchtime. High level employees can help reinforce the company’s commitment to the new health and fitness program by participating in these groups alongside other employees.

3. Motivate with a rewards system

To help get employees on board with a new healthy living program, offer incentives for participation. Whether it is a decrease in healthcare insurance premiums for signing up for fitness classes or a free team t-shirt for joining the lunchtime walking group, offer a reward to help motivate participants.

4. Revamp the vending machine

To help employees eat and snack better, companies should evaluate offerings in company vending machines and replace them with healthier options. People trying to lose weight might appreciate having a dietician come in to talk about food choices and portion sizes. An on-site weight loss support program, such as Weight Watchers at Work, can also be a beneficial.

5. Support efforts at home

To make it easier to stick with their lifestyle changes while at home, companies should offer discount programs with gym equipment providers, weight loss programs, and other community resources. Many of these are quite willing to negotiate discounted rates for groups.

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