40 lb. Heavy Duty Weight Vest

40 lb. Heavy Duty Weight Vest
Item Number: X-244WV-40-N2F
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The 40 Lb Vest can be used by anyone of any skill levels and all body types. It is the most versatile sports training and fitness tool on the market today. The 40 Lb Vest is adjustable with individual cylindrical weights. It is much safer and more effective than ankle weights, wrist weights, weight belt and backpack. Use it for your aerobic conditioning, strength training, weight loss, sports specific training, fitness, wellness or just around the house, the usages are limitless.


  • Tough synthetic vest with stretch pockets for weights
  • Adjustable in 1 lb. increments up to 40 lbs.
  • SOFTSTEELTM weights adjust to provide a secure, comfortable fit
  • Adjustable quick Velcro closure system fits any body size
  • Vest includes 38 (1) lb weights
  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Weight: 41 Lbs.
Item Number: X-244WV-40-N2F