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Dependability, quality, and durability are all critically important when it comes to fitness center equipment. Unlike equipment used by one or two people in a home setting, fitness center equipment is often used by multiple people with different health levels and conditions each day, from the time the gym opens in the morning until the time the gym closes at night. It needs to deliver results while standing up to repeated wear and tear. It also needs to deliver a good customer experience, so users are encouraged to maintain their exercise programs and return to the gym on a regular basis.

The fitness center equipment offered at American Fitness is selected from top manufacturers for the most popular forms of exercise. We want your gym members to enjoy their workouts, as well as achieve their fitness goals in a safe and healthy manner. We know that the reputation of your gym or health club is important to you. Your members expect high quality equipment that will be fully functional whether they choose to workout morning, noon, or night.

That is why we focus on bringing you only top quality fitness center equipment that your members will appreciate. Need help choosing items that will best meet the needs of your customers? Or not sure how to choose an assortment of items that will best fit in your facility? Contact us at American Fitness for help in designing your own custom health club or gym. With the right equipment, your gym will both deliver results and be ready to take on new members.