Weider Tech 8.5 Bench Kit

Weider Smith Machine System

Weider Tech 8.5 Bench Kit

Pre-cabled and fully loaded, this Olympic Smith rack quickly folds, snaps and bolts together-making it easier than ever to start your way towards a stronger, leaner and sexier you. The 8.5 also features 7 muscle-blasting workout stations, including a squat station, a pull-up station, a chest fly, high and low pulley stations, a leg developer and a preacher curl. This impressive, Olympic Smith rack also comes equipped with an Olympic-sized Smith bar, adjustable weight crutches and safety spotters, not to mention enough weight-plate storage to keep all your weights organized and close at hand.


  • TimeSaver™ Assembly Design
  • Olympic-Width Smith Machine
  • 4-Post Cage Design
  • Olympic Smith Bar
  • Adjustable Weight Crutches
  • Adjustable Safety Spotters
  • Detachable Multi-Position Weight Bench
  • Pull-Up Station
  • 6-Roll Leg Developer
  • 2 Swivel High Pulleys (15+ exercises)
  • Low Pulley with Row Plate
  • Preacher Pad
  • Chest Fly
  • Curl Yoke
  • Workout Accessories

Price: $999.00
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